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Brandy “Nancy”
Town Nancy stands on river Moselle ( France, Lotharingia region) and is separated into two parts - the old town with narrow, curvy streets, temples and ancient buildings, and the new town with museums, fountains and archades. Like the town, the drink Nancy combines the age, unique aroma and soaked from the oak barrels strength, as well as subtle, refined taste , got due to the special grapes variety, growing in the sunny vineyards of France. The range of taste is to be changed depending on the age and technology of this brandy. The pleasant after taste and aroma or the tenderer drink – the choice is up to you.

Nancy “Classic” 36%, 0.2L, 0.5L
Nancy “V.S.” 36%, 0.2L, 0.5L
Nancy “V.S.O.P.” 38%, 0.2L, 0.5L
Brandy “Nancy”